Treatments offered

Treatments offered

It is now known that all disease have biological, psychological and/or social causes. Factors which influence disease, either acting individually or as a sum total, (physical diseases, genetic predisposition, critical life events, negative life experiences, stress factors, etc.) leave an imprint on the brain and can alter brain processes. This process may be sudden, or occur slowly over time. We react by having an increased disposition to suffer from disease, in both the psychological and somatic sense (e.g. heart/circulation disorders, metabolic diseases, or cancer). Stresses can often not be avoided in the short term. Our brain is, however, a plastic organ which develops over your entire lifespan and can adapt to changes.

Using the right therapy, you can:

  • kick-start recuperation processes;
  • avert an impending crisis;
  • identify and maintain your individual stress level.


Cognitive behavioural therapy is a scientifically-based treatment method with a focus on cognition (thought, attitude, interpretation and evaluation). Our thoughts have a large influence on the way we feel, behave, and react. Any obstructive attitudes can be identified and corrected, and through this, new perspectives and resolution processes be developed.

Greenberg’s emotion-focused therapy is another empirically-verified treatment type which focuses on emotional experiences. Emotions act as the motor of our psychological activity. They determine our experience, behaviour and thoughts, our expectations and our memories. The way we deal with our emotions represents a common cause of psychological difficulties, and for this reason, this therapy focuses on transforming undesirable emotions.

Medicine-based treatments including phytotherapy can also be discussed on an individual basis. These are formulated on the basis of the diagnosis made, in accordance with international guidelines.

Swiss Insurance Medicine: In my practice, I can offer a neutral psychiatric assessment in the field of insurance medicine, for adult and child protection services, and other fields (e.g. power of jugement and testator`s capacity). 

Traditional Chinese medicine (medicinal treatments, acupuncture, and many more) encompasses holistic approaches that have been demonstrated to be beneficial as part of complementary, personalised treatments. Results from research around the globe have confirmed the effectiveness of these treatment approaches.